IITC (Ingress Intel Total Conversion)

On the 28th October 2018 Niantic made a change to the Intel website URLs that broke the popular 'IITC' browser plugin and mobile apps.

Web Browser Scripts (i.e. for TamperMonkey)

As the downloads on still don't seem to have been updated I've placed the copies of the main script and plugins that I edited myself here.

Android App

I waited day to see if the previous developers would release a fixed version of the Android app, or anyone else that I trusted, but it didn't happen. So, I knuckled down and figured out how to build the app myself, merged in someone else's fix for this issue, and published the following here.

NB: For both versions of the Android app below, if you already have a version of it installed you may find the installation failing with "App not installed". If that occurs then you have some options:

The cause of this is still under investigation, but it's like to be either one or both of:

  1. I didn't manage to bump the version number up sufficiently for the Android app to be considered a later version. I was wary of doing this too much in case it interfered with a new version actually arriving on the Google Play story, or
  2. This APK isn't signed, and the previously installed one was.

I'll look into signing my own APKs, with their own name and 'package path', and possibly even putting them on the Play store if licensing allows. No promises.

'Stock' "IITC mobile" APK

This will replace the "IITC Mobile" version of the Android app:

IITC Mobile ( version with fix for Intel URL changes made on 2018-10-30)


This will replace the "Test Build" version of the Android app:

IITCm Test ( version with fix for Intel URL changes made on 2018-10-30)


To create these versions I:

  1. Forked from the IITC github into my own copy on github
  2. Then I made a new branch 2018-10-30-URL-change in order to merge in terencehonles' fix.
  3. For the 'IITCm Test' branch I then had to replace all occurrences of "com.cradle.iitc_mobile" with "com.cradle.iitc_mobile.test" in the code. I also ensured I changed the actual app name so it shows up as "IITCm test". See my iitcmtest branch.

See also the notes in the file in my branches for some guidance on building the app.