Athan's Q3F Score Botting for Eggdrops


What is q3f-score? Basically it's a couple of scripts that work with the qstat to produce 'live' reporting of score changes on a q3f server.


1 The clan detection does rely on the perl script knowing about the relevant clans, this is fairly easy to edit though. Also in Q3F beta1h it's possible for this to go horribly wrong due to a buggy implementation of the players_red/blue/yellow/green variables as reported in 'rules' on Gamespy. This has been fixed for beta2.
2 Detection of match start is via any player getting positive frags or any team having positive score.
3 Detection of match end, if enabled, is by seeing a team score go down. Default is for this to be enabled, would need disabling via 'noend' command for q3f_castles, for example.


Current version is 0.07. Please, please, PLEASE read the 'README' file. The code has only been tested on a Debian GNU/Linux system so far, but should work on any 'Unix' system with qstat, perl and an eggdrop bot installed. It may work on a win32 system with perl, qstat and windrop installed, but there's absolutely no guarantee.

Whilst I HAVE been testing and using these scripts over the past few weeks there may well be hideous errors in them still, use at your own risk.


As per the ChangeLog file in the latest version:


  Extend addserver command to allow setting of report channel, match length,
   query period and noend flag all in one go.


  Small bugfix for incorrect var 'arg' in check_server (should be $server).


  Small bugfix to get rid of warning about uninitialised $current_players.
 Added some more clans, removed some defunct ones.


  Fixed small buggette in 'status' command.  Was using the matchlength when
 reporting polling period.


  Change all the command binds so people with channel ops can set up
  reporting, not just global ops.  'status' can be done by any users with
  global or ANY channel ops, the others are restricted to global ops or ops on
  the channel(s) in question.


  Initial public release.

  Lots of new commands and features added.  See the Changelog at the end of
  both the perl and TCL scripts for more information.


  Initial prototype, much hacked on and eventually working.


The author may be contacted at, but please make sure you've read and understood the README first if you're going to ask how to get the bot running.