Well, one of my great loves is cats. My first memory is of peering down into a coal bunker, when I was only 2.5 years old, and seeing a lot of squirming little bodies. Amongst them was Fluffy, my family's first cat. Since then we've had Snowy and Pepi, all sadly passed away now.


Well, got to have some feline links, haven't I? First off, that king of cats, the epitomy of all they stand for, Garfield.


I found these pictures whilst searching around the net for 'panther'. After looking at them you'll probably gather that Black Panthers (NOT the political group!) are my favourite type of cat. 'Panther' is, however, a somewhat generic term for a whole range of big cats. Take a look at Species Information for some great information about different big cat breeds. The Leopard section is the one about Panthers.

Now click here for those pictures.