BarryBeer 2002

Barrybeer Dec 2002 is now over, some people may have gone to clubs, me (Athan) and Steiny are at his place, others where-ever. Photos will follow as soon as they are uploaded and URLs are known. There's also a new forum thread for taking the piss out of people post-mortem ;).

Luap's Original Forum Post (extract):

BarryBeer Xmas 2002 !! \o/

Ladies and Gentlemen

Tom "Steiny" and Paul "Luap, Loops, Lu, Looooaaaapp, etc" Presents.....

Hear Ye, Hear Ye.

By the order of the yellow smilie, BarrysWorld regulars are cordially invited (read instructed ) to BarryBeer 2002, December 6th @ 6:00pm.

An informal gathering of the Friends Of BarrysWorld (tm) to a pub called The Devereux in Central London, address and link to map at bottom of this post. The pub is well situated for tube and mainline trains. Nearest tube is easily Temple and nearest mainline is Blackfriars, both 4 mins walk. 3 if you're thirsty and motivated. Kings Cross, Waterloo, Victoria and Charing Cross are easy with a short tube ride.

Regulars should gather, meet, greet, buy me drinks and gently imbibe fine ales and concoctions for the fine social event of the year. The Beckhams have not been invited such is the exclusivity. (Don't play games on BW either )

It is utterly informal and any and all BW customers, old, new, customers, non customers, forumers, ircers and RL friends are invited. Last year was a blast and this year will prove blastier. Bring your digicams and DV cams.

#BarryBeer on Quakenet is a good place to idle cos that's where a lot of BW irc folk who are going are hanging. Go pledge your right to party.

There will be a some BW staff there, not for bitchin at about pings or lag or llamas but to meet and laugh with and enjoy the company of. Theres rumour that there will be some freebie BW merchandise there too but no promises.

The Venue

The Devereux
20, Devereux Ct
(020) 7583 4562

Culled from a multimap this image shows fairly precisely where The Devereux should be. My A-Z says (warning: 288KB image) Devereux Court is "off Essex St.", and the lefthand part of the green circle in the image below intersects Essex St.

The Devereux Location

Getting There

From Temple tube:

  • At exit of Temple tube turn left and go up the stairs.
  • Turn right into Temple Place
  • Turn left at end of Temple Place, before the bend, into a narrow road / alleyway that has been closed to cars. This is the bottom of Essex St.
  • Go up Essesx St (up the stairs) and carry on up the slight hill.
  • Turn right on the corner where the pub the Cheshire Cheese is.
  • At the end of that short road turn left, then right.
  • The Devereux is 10 meters down that small road (alley).
  • It sound hard but it's not, it sounds like a lot of back alleys but it's not.

From Blackfriars Station:

  • Leave Blackfriars Station from exit 9 and walk down the Embankment (toward the London Eye and Big Ben, don't worry, it's not that far).
  • On your right is Temple, in the middle of Temple (called Inner Temple oddly) is a public pathway (uphill). Go up there.
  • At the end is The Strand, turn left into it.
  • Take next left ( a narrow road / alleyway) and you can see The Dev on the right.

Steiny has given out his mobile number, 07811 082158, feel free to call or text if you have problems.

Email List

There's an email list for general discussion of the Barry Beer events. To get on this simply send an email to In the future this may change to a more official looking address.

Attendance Poll

Luap started up a poll to see how many people might be coming.

Who's Coming, And From Where, etc.

These are people confirmed (at time of adding) to be coming:

Who Age Where From Arriving around Misc.
Athan 30 Coventry ~14:00 @ Euston  
Dave 'djpringle' Johnson   Dorset in London mid-afternoon  
Ed Lister 21 Exeter ~21:00 Bringing Kelly, 19
Excession (Andrew Cartwright)   Nottingham 15:00-ish  
gremlin   Newcastle In London ~15:00, pub 17:00-18:00 "Steiny smells"
Horus   N. London "at some point"  
Jopasc 27 *cough* Croydon    
lecter     Around 19:00 Purportedly bringing a bunch of QuakeNet opers with him...
Luap     14:00  
muad   Derby ~16:00 @ St. Pancras  
rataxis (Joel) 21 London God knows. I hope to make it down, that's the best I can do :/  
SK (Andrew Palmer)     15:00-ish (train arrives)  
Steiny (Tom Steinberg) 25 Islington/Westminster 18:00 onwards BarryBeer is © Steiny 2000
Summo (Robin)   Chelmsford, Essex ~19:00  
uber     Around 19:30 Not staying for long :(
Wazzerphuk (Glenn Wakeford) 19 Teddington, Middlesex Anytime from after 18:00 Coming from work, Islington. Apologies if uber late
whisk (ed eastman)   From round the corner From 2pm or sommat stupid  
Will 25 Edinburgh 15:45 at Kings Cross  
WPKenny (Kieran) 23 Canterbury,Kent Straight after finishing work @17:00 Bringing Damini (Lou, also 23) along too

Picture To Recognise People By

If you want a link to a picture of you posted here so you'll be recognised should you turn up early to the pub, see the email at the bottom of this page, or prod Athan on IRC

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If you think any more info needs to be on this page, or after the event want a link to your pictures posted here:

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